Does Size Matter? (Fingers Crossed It Doesn’t)

Sexual issues have become such a popular topic lately that it can be hard to keep track of what’s true, what’s just a misunderstanding and what’s a lie. To improve your sexual confidence, you need to let go of false preconceptions that subconsciously influence you. With that in mind, let’s uncover some myths and facts regarding the penis.

MYTH 1: It takes a minimum of 5-inches to stimulate a woman to orgasm
Typically, we think that a bigger penis feels better for a woman because it “hits the right spot.” This isn’t true! You don’t need a huge penis to give her the best orgasm she’s ever had. Though it can stretch a bit, the average vagina is only 4-inches deep.

The bundle of pleasure sensing nerves comprising the G-spot is located on the inner third of the vagina. Even a small penis can reach the G-spot. It’s not really the length that matters—it’s the width. Don’t forget, the most pleasure sensing nerve endings are concentrated in the clitoris. That will be our focus later on.

MYTH 2: A flaccid penis is the best indicator of size
If you’re a hetero male, likely your only exposures to penis size have been the flaccid genitalia of men in the sauna or gym locker room. It’s not the best way to get a comparison of your size. If you think a flaccid penis is the best indicator of size, you are sadly mistaken. A large flaccid penis doesn’t necessarily indicate a huge erect penis. Some men have a small flaccid penis that reaches average size when erect. Only a fully erect penis can be measured for size.

MYTH 3: Every woman dreams of a huge dick
This assumption is false. That’s like saying that guys are only turned on by girls with big boobs, dyed blonde hair and big lips that encourage them to drink beer and play online poker all day. Men like to look at pictures of overtly sexualized women from time to time but usually choose a “normal girl” for a girlfriend and think of her as the sexiest girl in the world.

Women think similarly. Sure they may fantasize about a big dick every now and then, but in the bedroom they care much less about size than you would think. Penetration isn’t the most important part of sex. For a woman, penetration plays just a minor role in having a great sexual experience!

The brain is the most important sexual organ. More than half of a woman’s sexual experience stems from mental processes. Women need to be romantically stimulated. Try listening, providing emotional support and cuddling. Women prefer great foreplay and long-lasting sex.

No matter how endowed you are, the more she’s aroused by foreplay, the easier it will be for her to achieve orgasm. Don’t waste time. Improve the quality of your sex life now and focus on maintaining longer in bed and satisfy your partner as long as she needs.

MYTH 4: You can enlarge your penis easily with advertised enhancement methods

This isn’t true, and gains are short-lived. Penis pumps may make your cock look bigger by engorging your shaft with blood, but as soon as you discontinue pumping your penis will return to its normal size. The risk of injury isn’t worth the fake gains.

You can visually add some size by taking care of yourself and grooming. The easiest way is to shave. Don’t let your little friend get lost in a haze of tufted pubic hair. Try to relax. Don’t carry stress with you; the more relaxed you are, the bigger your penis will appear! Stress constricts blood vessels, affecting the blood supply to your penis. If your penis isn’t getting the blood it needs to achieve maximum girth, it will appear smaller than it actually is.

For long-term gains, nothing is better than a healthy diet and lifestyle. Work on losing weight, specifically belly fat which can obscure your penis’ true length. Not only will you improve your overall appearance, but you’ll also improve your penis’ appearance. Cardiovascular exercise can do wonders, giving you a healthier, fuller and longer lasting erection.

Do you smoke? Much like stress and anxiety, smoking constricts the blood vessels, making it hard for your penis to achieve its full length and girth during an erection.

Sarah Williams is a freelance writer that is passionate about human behavior. After several relationships and a LOT of dates, she shares her honest love and dating tips on Wingman Magazine . After all, she is just a hopeless romantic trying to figure it all out.

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