How To Spice Up Your Bedroom Life


There is no shame in admitting that you need a little help when it comes to your sex life. Sometimes things can get a bit stale and repetitive, taking most of the fun out of sex and making it awkward, which in turn can cause a serious problem in a relationship. In reality, the problem is quite easy to solve as there are number of ways you can spice up your bedroom life that have the desired effect. Best of all – it’s fun. Here are some of the things you try with your partner.

Speak To Each Other
Sometimes all you have to do is speak to each other and be honest about your desires. Sex should be a liberating, joyous occasion, not just something you go through for the sake of it. You should always say what you want to your partner and vice versa as you will learn about what makes your partner go off. It’s scientifically proven too – people who speak to their partners about what they want were more sexually satisfied in bed.

Try Something New
It just might be that simple – try out something new can be a game changer, especially for couples who are together for quite some time. Even the smallest change can have a big result. Maybe try to find what his or hers fetish is – a trip to adult sex shop could be what you’re looking with various sex toys, silicone love doll and whole bunch of other accessories. Maybe it’s something small like a new set of lacy lingerie, dirty talk or a different sex position. Don’t be afraid to try something new as anything and everything matters when you want to break the routine.

Exercise can be beneficial in many ways. For those that are conscious of their bodies, it will give a heightened sense of accomplishment and a firm new level of sexual attractiveness by knowing you look good, but most of all, it goes well beyond aesthetic appeal. Exercise helps last longer in bed, especially men, who are less likely to have erection problems, including erectile dysfunction, than inactive men. Yoga is also beneficial when it comes to sex, with stretching and isometric holds improving stamina.

While it may sound like a redundant advice, practice is actually quite useful and lots of fun. While you may want to try the most exotic position you have seen or you can think of, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s pleasurable for both parties. For some positions you have to be very flexible to perform them and they may not be worth it. Fortunately, there are more than enough different positions that can help you spice up your bedroom life while being fun, pleasurable and very easy to perform. Once again, open and honest communication with your partner can do wonders. Practice makes perfect so be sure to take your time and find out what works for both of you.

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