Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer. In Fact, Take Several.

Would you date this man?

Note to Self: when on POF (Plenty of Fakes? Plenty of old Farts?), avoid the “one-picture” profiles. I don’t care how Instagram-Hipster-grammed, how artistically black and white, how sepia-toned with an ocean backdrop, do NOT engage. They never, ever, EVER! look like their photo. I don’t know where they got these pictures, perhaps from Google Deustch image search or the insert from an attractive Ikea Pjatteryd picture frame, but it sure as hell aint them.

And yet, how many times do I go the cafe, the dive bar, or underwater knitting Meet Up with the hopeful mantra of “this time will be different! He’s so cute, it can’t possibly be fake!”, only to have the most nondescript, unidentifiable bland human, possibly male, walk up to me and say, “Ariel?”

I even had one guy say coyly in his profile, “Yeah, I only have one pic up, didn’t have time to upload more – email me if you want to see.” I should’ve taken him up on his offer (then again he may have had a lifetime membership to iStockphoto.) Cut to two days later and an out-of-shape Richard Simmons waving wildly at me from across the fire pit at Coffee Bean. (see, dude, you recognize me, because unlike you I actually DO look like my photo!) So what do I do? I’m a sucker and I stay – out of a stupid sense of manners/obligation and this goofy thought that maybe this is a test like that email chain letter I got a few years back. But that damn urban legend has yet to make itself a reality.

The profile pic taken with a cell phone is a whole other topic, but I think this
site covers it quite nicely. (NSFW)

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