Target is Within Range

I’m not much for visualization or Law of Attraction (despite my 800 vision boards, I have yet to look like, or become Tom Brady’s wife) but I am consistently amazed at how quickly sex can morph from a vague postulation to a vivid reality.
I’ve seen it happen, folks. I’m not talking about my usual delusional antics or my nightly prayers that those dudes from Supernatural, once they’ve had the pleasure of meeting me, would certainly leave their significant others and jump into my bed right quick. No, I’m talking about when you meet someone, and you just know you’re gonna fuck them.

It’s completely unspoken, like an energy or chemistry exchange or some shit. It doesn’t even have to appear that overt or immediate (like my usual, uh, “first dates” at the dive bar), but it’s just this…inevitability. Whether or not it’s good for both parties concerned is completely beside the point. And, to get a little woo-woo – the universe, in its infinite wisdom, really does not give a flying fuck that he’s a possible alcoholic and that you’re still in a committed relationship. It’s still meant to be.

Yes, of course we have free will. Of course we’re not just bodies hurtling through time and space to occasionally bump into each other whilst naked. But my point is, once the possibility is put out there, by either party, it somehow, some way, sets the stage for collision. Yes, you both may indeed try to fight it, deny it, ignore it. And that may seem to work for a time. But sooner or later, it’ll creep up on you, when you least expect it, and usually when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Indeed, I would venture to say that the majority of our sex lives have been on the same plane of existence as those Final Destination movies.
A comforting thought.

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