How to Tell if Your Partner is Mentally Ill?

Miley-Cyrus-Bowl-Cut You love your partner and you think that nothing can shake your relationships. But nobody knows when problems may occur. The recent research by the American Psychiatric Association showed that the smallest changes in your partner’s behavior maybe a signal of mental illness. According to the research fifty percent of cases of mental illness begin by the age of 14, while three quarters begin by the age of 24.

Of course you may think that such trouble will pass you by, because your partner is not paranoid and he or she certainly doesn’t suffer from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. And that’s where you are wrong. Major mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder don’t appear out of the blue. They start when you or your friends start noticing small changes in the behaviour of your partner.

When you feel that something is not quite right with your partner, might be just a simple depression, but it may a harbinger of much more severe case as well. The best way you can save your partner and your relationships is to learn how to tell the developing symptoms, before it’s too late and the illness appears in its full form. Learning the developing symptoms and early signs of illness is crucial, as it allows you to take actions. Early intervention can delay or event prevent the mental illness altogether. So, without further ado we offer you to learn the main signs and symptoms of the developing mental illness.

Signs and Developing Symptoms of a Mental Illness

If the further symptoms has occurred once, there is no problem. But if you notice several signs and symptoms occurring, it may mean that you partner requires professional help.

Apathy – Your partner has lost his initiative and any kind of desire to participate in anything;

Drop in functioning – You partner has quit his hobby? He or she stopped going to the gym? He or she experiences an unusual drop at his work or social activities? He or she started finding difficult to perform familiar task? It maybe depression, but if this symptom continues it is better to ask a professional for a consultation.

Feeling disconnected – If your partner is complaining about feeling disconnected from him or herself and about a sense of unreality.

Illogical thinking – Your partner starts sharing some illogical beliefs with you, which is more suitable for a child than for an adult. If it starts happening all of a sudden it may be a sign of a mental illness.

Increased sensitivity – Your problem became overly sensitive to sights, sounds, smells or touch. It maybe a sign of the developing mental illness.

Problems with thinking – You find your partner losing his or her memory? If he or she has problems with logical thought and speech you may need a professional help.

Unusual behaviour – Your partner starts demonstrating an odd behaviour, which is absolutely uncharacteristic for him or her.

Withdrawal – Your partner withdrew from his friends, because he or she lost interest in them? You feel that he or she is losing interest in you? Maybe you’ve just grew out of your relationships. If not, call for the medical help. Thanks to our friends from girls in bikini for providing this article.

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