Thank You, Sofia Vergara


If you asked me a couple days ago, I’d have told you I’d had enough of Sofia Vergara. It seems I can’t turn on my TV or open a magazine or crack a window without hearing her voice, seeing her photo, or being asked to check out her new line of hovercraft pants at the local K-Mart.

Then I saw this photo of her, which she tweeted to the masses the other day. And suddenly, all is forgiven.

First things first, THAT ASS. Second, I’m not sure what I’m jealous of more: the fabric that makes up her thong, or the towel she’s laying on.

And lastly, local Realtors should be adding this woman to their payroll. Because if I live in that house in the back of the photo–the one with the windows visible through the trees–I’m adding a cool million to my asking price.

Because NOTHING moves real estate faster than being able to say, “Well, the house lacks a pool or jacuzzi or three car garage. But you get to stare at Sofia Vergara’s ass all day.”

And if the owners are renting, hit me up.

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