The Best Sex Stores Online to Shop for Sex Toys

Did you know that a single search for the phrase “sex toys” on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, generates about 630,000,000 results, and growing?

One can most certainly agree that when the idea of online shopping first started, back in the early 90s, we all wondered what took them so long? As the saying goes – It’s the best thing since sliced bread! And everybody is having a go at it, even those that take pride in pleasure.

About that, here’s a fun fact – the world’s first intimate shop was opened in West Germany back in the 1960s. After this revolution, many other countries also opened up their very own sex shops, boasting items such as pornography, vibrators, X-rated magazines, explicit lingerie and clothing. Most of which needed to be regulated by the law and all of which have different age-limits depending on the country.

The idea became so popular that it even ran online, and so the advent of online stores was born, that started to sell an assortment of similar adult content as you found in the stores – sex toys, fetish wear, X-rated films and other things. These types of shops seem to be even more popular because they have less overheads. Not to mention the appeal of sitting in the comfort of your own home and taking your time to choose the best option for you, tends to attract a lot of interest.

Australia’s shops started in the 60s, with the first one up and running in Sydney, while China was a little late to the party with their first store, of this nature, opening up in the mid-20s in Beijing but increased considerably and now have over 2000 shops to choose from. Canada’s idea of a sex store which opened in the 70s was a combination of both lingerie similar to Ann Summers plus all the merchandise sold in the West Germany stores, and the rest of the world followed suit.

But this article is about your online possibilities, so let’s jump into that and look at what options are out there.

Looks like the hard work has already been done for you. Some of the 15 best online sex shops with both pros and cons listed under each one are available at your fingertips. From a glossy, luxe designer retailer to the ultimate minimalist options created by women, for women, you are guaranteed to find the right one.

Below is the list of a few of these stores that you can take a look at now online, and a brief description of each:

Pleasure Chest: Have been around for almost 50 years. It’s no wonder they are on the top of this list. Not only are they famous for their online store, but also have a boutique store that caters for everyone. They are a slightly more up-market store.

She Vibe: Started by a husband and wife team, this company’s online shop caters for high quality and low-cost merchandise. They are also interested in educating the public on various health and wellness topics like sexual education and safe-sex practices.

Love Honey: Possibly one of the biggest players online. They ship to over one hundred different countries worldwide. These guys cater to everyone from beginners to the novice and also have resources for education on their website.

Good Vibrations: Has also been around for over 40 years and was started by Joani Blank, a sex coach. This company is highly-involved in toys and have created various enterprises from movies to an advice blog and the sponsorship “GiVE Program”. The best part is their website is very user-friendly and easy to browse.

Babeland: From a print cataloge, to an online store. This company may be slightly newer than the top 4, and have only been around for over 25 years, but don’t under-estimate them, as they pack a punch for all your fantasies and sexual exploits. They have a super high-quality selection of toys at reasonable prices.

Lovense: Did someone say “High-Tech Sex Toys”? This company invents its own cheeky toys, but with a twist. Their high-tech sex toys come in a number of options: wireless, remote-control, programmable, not to mention their material is 100% silicone based. Need I say more?

Lelo: A very “luxe” company with its sophisticated and high-end products using only environmentally friendly materials and practices because they too, build their own products. Not only do they look after you but also the environment and provide educational information on their website to match. So, if you are one for quality and price to match, these guys are your go-to.

The above list of online stores is just touching the brim of the countless options you can find online. If however, you’ve tried and tested it all and none of the above options are titillating enough for you, why don’t you lend a hand at trying out something a bit more 21st century, like a sex-doll? You read right! A very real and very life-like version of an adult sexual partner tailored just for you. Do you want blue eyes or brown? A small nose or big? Black hair perhaps? Short or tall?

Not only do they create dolls for intimate pleasure, they can create a customized one just for you, based on your personal preferences and online specifications… not to mention they look so realistic, from a distance you wouldn’t even know the difference between an adult human and the doll. So, if that is more of what you have been looking for, start saving up now because they don’t come cheap. You can check other facts about sex dolls from this link:

Whether you prefer taking a trip to the store or sitting in the comfort of your own home and choosing, shopping for sex toys has become a fun activity you can do by yourself or with your friends. Make a day out it! Everyone deserves a bit of excitement every now and again.

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