The Only Movie Poster to Ever Show… This?

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

It’s not every day you see a poster for a mainstream Hollywood picture depicting cunnilingus. And in the case of most Melissa McCarthy movies, I’m kinda glad we don’t.

But almost twenty years ago, the poster for Jade showed just that. Or at least it was strongly implied.

The poster depicts a woman gripping a wall in what we assume to be ecstasy, and a male hand holding her right thigh at an angle that suggest she’s straddling his face. Or that she’s getting frisked by a midget.

Either way, I’m amazed this thing was actually hanging in movie theaters across this great land of ours. And this was in 1995 — pre-AOL and before the internet started adding “cunnilingus search” to our browsers. Or at least to mine.

Sadly, the Jade poster was the last time cunnilingus was used to sell a movie. Just think of how many more tickets they could have sold for Pacific Rim!

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