How to Throw the Best Casino Party


If you’ve outgrown the ice cream and jello parties of childhood, yet not quite ready to endure the swingers conventions that form a large part of ‘adult’ parties, then the casino party can be a happy middle ground.

Not only will it provide everyone with the perfect opportunity to dress up like an extra from Scarface, but the possibility of reducing your friends to bankruptcy is a real bonus treat.

So in order to transform your home into a glittering casino, throw out all functional items of furniture, and instead gather your most outlandish collection of candelabras, chandeliers and check out the trend of using neon in the home for a touch of Vegas-based night-time extravagance.

Likewise, to ensure that the casino party goes with a bang, make sure that there’s no soft drinks in the house, and instead stock up on cocktail ingredients so that nobody is allowed to approach the gaming table without a homemade mojito in hand.

In terms of apparel, it’s essential that the ladies dress as sleazy as possible. If you can achieve the Sharon Stone in Casino look crossed with the hooker-checking-out-of-the-motel-at-5am aesthetic, you’ll be well on your way.

Similarly, male guests will need to get out that crumpled velvet tuxedo from the prom in order to step up to the casino fashion standards – and it goes without saying that massive gold medallions are compulsory.

As for the actual casino entertainment, the guys will probably be at home with a game of poker. And whilst they’re arguing over the rules, the ladies can get on with fulfilling all stereotypes by checking off the boxes with a polite game of bingo.

Of course, you can always make it a hell of a lot easier by simply firing up Red Stag Casino’s online gaming site that includes a bunch of promotions to make it easy for even the most drunken player to count their way up to 21 in a game of blackjack.

This way you can allow your party-goers to fight out which game they wanna play amongst themselves whilst you play the part of the host-with-the-most by rustling up a selection of casino-friendly snacks. These should of course include some high quality hot dogs – just be sure to leave them under fluorescent lights for at least twelve hours for the authentic casino effect.

And once you’ve left your guests drunk and drained them of their money, make sure you give them that perfect Las Vegas send off by abandoning them in the middle of town so that they have to walk their long and inebriated way home.

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