“Two Broke Girls” Throws Down the Ass Gaunlet


It should come as no coincidence that just a week after I deliver my second official oration on the glory of Beth Behrs’ ass, and how it has become the centerpiece — dare I say the raison d’être — of Two Broke Girls, the sitcom delivered the most ass-centric episode of any program since Frank Costanza accidentally sat on fusili Jerry.

Faithful readers of this blog (yes, all three of you) know that I have long predicted that Behrs’ ass — very impressive for a skinny white girl — would eventually supplant Kat Dennings’ ample cleavage as the Breakout Body Part Star of the show.

With last night’s episode, which had something to do with Behrs’ character wanting to buy a new pair of pants, I have been proven prescient. As evidence, I present the following:




The battle is over, friends. Ass trumps boobs, at least in Two Broke Girls’ corner of the universe.

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