We Wrote a Book


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At last: Your least favorite sex blog is your least favorite e-book! That’s right. In addition to doling out the free advice here and in our SEX ADVICE FOR ENGLISH MAJORS column at DigBoston, we have been painstakingly detailing our efforts to get laid in such far-flung locations as the local bar, the office, the gym, the backseat of a car and, sadly, our own minds. The result is this magical collection of sex-soaked essays, CHEAP FEEL PARADISE.

Not a simple collection of posts from this site, this is 90 (yeah, that’s NINETY) percent all-new content and stuff that’s never appeared on this blog. You’ll get painful confessions, attempts at homemade porn, awkward teenage and adult dating stories, self-pleasuring, tight skirts, tighter pants and (hopefully) hilarious essays on finding the perversion in (almost) any life situation.

Plus, there’s a lot of important stuff your parents never told you. Like “How to Make Love in a Small, Imported Car” and “How to Have an Office Relationship.” If McSweeneys hooked up with Penthouse Forum and they made mad, passionate love to a couple drunks, it might look something like this. Consider it your field guide to surviving the indignities of the modern relationship.

You can get the PDF direct from us or get a mobile version for your Kindle, iPad or other device using the links below. And remember, you buy a book, Ariel sits on your face thanks you.

“Cheap Feel Paradise” on Ganxy