Women With Merely Grapefruit-Sized Breasts Need Not Apply

One of the best things about running this here blog, besides those moments when I sneak my head on to Ariel’s chair right before she sits down, is seeing the search terms that lead people to us. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, say “woman with nice ass in lemur costume”, along comes something like “wallpaper hanging tits” or “madonna ass grinds mike myers” to remind me that society is truly doomed.

The other day, however, I saw “honeydew size breasts women naked” among the search terms leading to our blog. And it gave me a sense of hope. Hey, here’s a guy who knows what he likes and, more importantly, the exact size requirements. Don’t waste his motherfucking time with that small fruit bullshit.

That said, I immediately began to worry if our site satiated his needs. I mean, I’m not much of a boob guy myself, so there’s a distinct possibility that most of the breast shots I’ve posted have been sized more like grapefruits. Or, even worse, your common house orange.

Unfortunately, my own due diligence didn’t turn up anything on our site related to “honeydew size breasts.” To the spectacularly-endowed women out there, I can only hope I haven’t failed you. And to the (assumed) gentleman seeking these photos, I hope the shot above will tide you over until I have the chance to beef up our archives.

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