Your Holiday Beach Reading Problems Solved!


We know how tough it can be to keep yourself amused at the beach. Honestly, how many tan, glistening bodies can you really leer at before it gets boring? How many thong bikinis can you visualize gripping with your teeth and tearing off before they all look the same? And how many coolers of beer can you empty before life begins to look pale and fuzzy and pointless and you simply can’t drag yourself into the water and decide to urinate right where you’re sitting?

Not to mention: sunburn! Sharks! Sand fleas! Sixty-something men in banana hammocks!

The point we’re trying to make is that we’ve got something to make every day at the beach seem like a day at the beach. Only one in which you’re reading our book.

That’s right. Cheap Feel Paradise is a collection of humorous essays, painstakingly researched observations and salacious memories torn right from the pages of our past. In other words, it’s two lifetimes worth of sometime fruitless, sometimes successful attempts at getting laid.

So, yes, it’s funny. But there’s also shit you need to know. Like how to screw in a tine, imported car. And how to have sex in your office and avoid detection. And how not to accidentally broadcast your homemade porn to your entire apartment complex.

If you like our blog, you’ll love the book. And it’s 90 percent all new, never-posted-on-this-blog content.

So download away and we guarantee it will become your second favorite thing to stick your face in.

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